Harbinger of Spring focuses on mobility, chasing, and arena shooter mechanics to give players that high octane action feel. As players capture the container and hunt each other they can make use of the various features the game offers.



Harbinger of Spring has a number of movement systems that give players a greater freedom and mobility than some shooters. Players have the ability to 'dash', which allows them to quickly cover large distances. The base movement speed of the game matches the sprinting pace of other contemporary games. Additionally, players may sprint, jump, and double jump.


Inspired by Quake and Unreal Tournament, Harbinger of Spring's gameplay has many similar systems to Arena shooters. Players may pick up ammo, health, and various guns to give them an edge. Players always retain a side pistol with infinite ammo, to make sure they are never empty-handed during combat.


In Harbinger of Spring, players always have the next objective displayed on their HUD. The player that has the container can see their drop off destination, while other players receive accurate updates as to where the carrier is. Gameplay develops into a constant, high-speed chase as players track down the next container, drop point, or carrier.


Modern shooter games have a large focus on multiplayer, and Harbinger of Spring is no exception. HoS features networked play to allow players to host and find servers with customized settings. For players who are looking for something a little slower, or just to learn the game, a single player training mode is included.

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