As humanity spread out into the galaxy, they discovered a long gone race; The Aeonians. The pacifistic race had dedicated it's efforts to the creation of life, and made a great Tree as the symbol of their legacy.

At first, the human explorers revered and studied the Aeonian's legacy. Their research led them to discover that the sap of the tree was a highly powerful energy source. Mere drops could power whole cities and fleets of ships.

Thus, humanity entered a golden age, using the tree's sap as fuel. Never before had humanity had the ability to travel so far, build so much, and solve so many of it's struggles. But, as they would soon find out, the sap was not an infinite resource.

As fuel began to run low, life in the universe began to decay and die. Only the sap of the Tree could replenish worlds, but with so little left, conflicts inevitably rose.

Now, with the universe dying and sap exceedingly rare, humans have descended upon the temple in a last ditch effort to secure this precious resource.

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